Sandvox Menu Guide


About Sandvox

Displays the about box for Sandvox. Useful for checking which version of Sandvox you are running.

Check for Updates…

Manually checks to see whether updates to Sandvox are available. Not available in the Mac App Store edition.

Discover Plug-ins…

Opens the Discover Plug-ins Window. (Not available in the Mac App Store edition of Sandvox.)

Send Feedback…

Opens the built-in feedback reporter.

Rate in App Store

In the Mac App Store edition, this opens up a page so you can tell the world how much you love Sandvox!

Join Karelia Email List…

Allows you to join Karelia's spam-free email list to receive occasional news, updates, or discounts. You can unsubscribe at any time.


Displays the Sandvox preferences window.

Buy/Register Sandvox…

Displays the window used to buy or register Sandvox. For more information, please see "Purchasing Sandvox." Not available in the Mac App Store edition.


This menu is a big list of all the services other applications on your computer can provide.

Hide Sandvox

Hides (but does not close) Sandvox.

Hide Others

Hides (but does not close) all applications other than Sandvox. Can be undone by selecting "Show All."

Show All

Shows all applications, even those hidden.

Quit Sandvox

Quits Sandvox.


New Site…

Creates a new site from scratch.


Opens an existing site.

Open Recent

A list of sites you have recently worked on.


Closes the current site.

Save/Save a Version

Saves the current site document.

Duplicate (OS X 10.7 and newer)

Creates a duplicate of your document. For OS X 10.8 and up, holding down the Option key changes Duplicate to Save As...

Save As… (OS X 10.6 and earlier)

Saves the current site document to a new location and begins editing it.

Rename... (OS X 10.8 and up)

Allows you to rename your document.

Move To... (OS X 10.8 and up)

Allows you to relocate where your document is stored.

Revert to Saved

Reverts your document back to the last saved version. Starting with OS X 10.7, you can choose which version of the document you want to revert to.

Reduce File Size

Removes all unused media from the document package.

Copy files into Document…

Some media can be stored external to your document, such as video, audio and Flash files. This command copies them all into the document.

Choose Comments Provider…

Opens the window to choose a comment provider. See Comments for more information.

Configure Sharing Services

Opens the Configure Sharing Services sheet to configure the Sharing Bar and set default values for the included sharing services. For more information, please refer to this article.

Configure Google Tools…

Opens the window to configure Google services.. Sitemap, Analytics, and Verification. See Google Integration for more information.

Choose Design…

Shows the Design Chooser. There is also a toolbar item to do the same.

Previous Design

Changes your site design to the previous design you were using.

Next Design

Changes your design to the next design in the design chooser.

Extract Content of Website…

If you have an existing website created by iWeb or another tool, this will help you get started.


Undo and Redo

Undo and redo changes to the site.

Cut & Copy

Cuts or copies the current selection to the clipboard. See "Clipboard Menu Commands" for more information.

Paste Commands

Sandvox has three paste commands:

Please see the "Clipboard Menu Commands" article for more information


Deletes the selected object. This command cannot be used to delete pages or objects.


Creates a duplicate copy of the selected object.

Select and Deselect All

When editing text, this selects or deselects all of the text in the box.

Create/Edit Link…

Turns the selected text into a link or edits an existing link.

Edit Raw HTML…

Edits the raw HTML code of the selected text area.

Site Code Injection… and Page Code Injection…

Opens the Code Injection window for the Home Page (Site Code Injection) or the page selected in the Site Navigator (Page Code Injection).


Standard commands for searching text.

Spelling and Grammar

A menu of standard spelling commands. To disable or enable spell checking as you type check (or uncheck) the 'Check Spelling While Typing' option.


Has many 'smart' options, including copy/paste, quotes, and dashes. As well as a find and replace feature.


Select text to make it all upper case, lower case, or capitalized.


Uses the OS X built in Text-to-Speech feature to read your Sandvox page.

Dictation (10.8 and up)

Uses the OS X built in Dictation feature.

Special Characters…

Shows the character palette for easy insertion of unusual characters into your site.


New Page

Adds a new page of your choice to the site. This is equivalent to the "New" item in the toolbar.

Group as Collection

Groups the selected pages into a new Collection. Equivalent to the "Group" item in the toolbar. If no suitable pages are selected, the command is disabled.

Paragraph Break

Inserts a paragraph break.

Line Break

Inserts a line break.

Text Box

Inserts a text box object. Also available from the "Objects" menu in the toolbar.

Block Quote

Inserts a block quote object. Also available from the "Objects" menu in the toolbar.

Media Placeholder

Inserts a media object placeholder. Also available from the "Objects" menu in the toolbar.


Displays a list of index types that are available for you to add to your site. Also available from the "Objects" menu in the toolbar.

Sharing Buttons

Displays a list of standalone sharing buttons. Also available from the "Objects" menu in the toolbar.


Inserts a raw HTML object. Also available from the "Objects" menu in the toolbar.


Displays a list of objects available for you to choose from. Also available from the "Objects" menu in the toolbar.


Opens a Finder window for you to choose a file to add to your site.



Show Fonts

Toggles the Fonts panel, which allows you to set the font of the selected text.

Bold, Italic, Underline, & Strikeout

Applies the chosen effect to the selected text. Note that depending on the location and font of the text, not all of these may be available.

Bigger, Smaller

Makes the highlighted text bigger or smaller.


You can raise or lower the text baseline to superscript or subscript. This is useful when placing references or simple formula on a site.


Show Text Inspector

Shows the Text inspector

Align Left, Center, Justify, Align Right

Sets the alignment of the selected text.

Writing Direction

Changes the writing direction in Sandvox.

Increase / Decrease List Indent Level

Used in increase or decrease the indent for bullets or numbered lists.

Copy & Paste Style

Copies and pastes just the style of the selected text. See "Clipboard Menu Commands" for more information.

Clear Style

Clears the style of the selected text.


Clean Text HTML

Used to clean up the HTML and make it nicely indented and formatted.


Small Page Icons

If checked, makes the icons in the Site Navigator smaller. Useful if you have a large site and limited screen space.

Text Size

Sandvox provides three commands for setting the text viewing size:

Please see the "Web View" article for more information.

Reload Page

Reloads the page you are viewing just like you would with a web browser. This is useful for dealing with items that draw their content from external sources, such as External Pages.

Enter/Exit Full Screen (OS X 10.7 and up)

Toggles the full screen mode.

Show/Hide Inspector

Toggles the Inspector.

New Inspector

Opens a separate Inspector window.

Show/Hide Colors

Toggles the Color Picker which allows you to set the color of the selected text.

Show/Hide Media Browser

Toggles the Media Browser.

Show/Hide Toolbar

Toggles the visibility of the toolbar. This can also be accomplished by clicking the button in the very top right of the window.

Customize Toolbar…

Displays a sheet allowing you to customize the items in the toolbar to better suit you.


Publish Changes

Publishes the site, but only those parts that have changed since the last time you published. Generally quicker than publishing the entire site.

Before you can publish a site, you must set up your host.

Republish All

Publishes the entire site, regardless of what changes have been made since the last publish. Useful if you have manually removed or changed some files using an FTP client.

Before you can publish a site, you must set up your host.

Publish to Folder…

Publish to Folder places a complete web-ready copy of the site in a folder of your hard drive. For more information on how or why you would do this, please see "Publishing Your Site."

Setup Host…

Opens the Host Setup Assistant, which is used to configure how your site is published.

Visit Published Site and Visit Published Page InternetConnectionNeeded.png

Opens the published site in your web browser.

Submit to Site Directory… InternetConnectionNeeded.png

Opens the a page in your web browser where you can submit your website to a directory of Sandvox-created websites. Doing so (among other tasks) will help you to gain exposure to your website.

Share Published Page InternetConnectionNeeded.png

Opens a window to share the currently selected page via Email, Messages, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn. Sharing through Messages is available on OS X 10.8 and up. For more information on each service, you can refer to the Sharing Published Pages article.


To show this in the Menu Bar, check the "Show Develop menu in menu bar" option in Sandvox Preferences.

Show Web Inspector

Open the Web Inspector window to inspect the DOM, HTML attributes, and CSS properties.

Show Error Console

Open the Error Console window to see any HTML or JavaScript errors.

Web View

Provides alternative views for the Web View.

Validate Page HTML (

Run HTML validator on the page that you are on.

Empty Cache…

Sandvox maintains a cache of scaled images to speed up previewing and publishing. This clears out that cache.

Log JavaScript Errors

Logs JavaScript errors on the Scripts tab of the Web Inspector.



Minimizes the current document window to the Dock.

Minimize All

Minimizes all open document windows to the Dock.


The zoom button (the little green circle at the top left of a window) toggles the size of the document window between filling the screen and how it was before.

Bring All To Front

Places all Sandvox windows in front of anything else you may have open. Hold down Option to neatly arrange all Sandvox windows.

Welcome to Sandvox

Brings up the 'Welcome to Sandvox' window that opens when you first open Sandvox.

Publication Transcript

Opens a window that will show diagnostic information for publishing. For more details, check the Publication Transcript page.

Window List

At the bottom of the Window menu is a list of all the windows Sandvox has open.


Sandvox Help

Opens the Sandvox Help (what you're reading now!).

Watch Video Introduction

Opens the Sandvox video introduction, standard or full size.

Visit Community Forum

Links directly to Karelia's online support forum for Sandvox.

Release Notes

Opens the Sandvox release notes.


Opens the Sandvox Acknowledgments window. This lists all the contributions that were necessary to make Sandvox happen.

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