Sandvox has a Fonts panel to allow you to customize the font of any editable text. Other fonts are fixed, and are specified by your design. For instance, you can't change the fonts an Amazon List uses.

Some designs include their own custom fonts for use in the titles and headlines. Those fonts do not show up in the Font panel, but will be visible to visitors because the font is downloaded by the browser.

To set the font of some text:

  1. Select the text.
  2. From the Format menu select "Show Fonts" or click "Fonts" in the toolbar.
  3. Choose the font you want to use.

Possible Issues

Non-standard fonts

Some care must be taken when choosing fonts. If a font you specify is not installed on a visitor's computer, then their browser will not be able to display it. Instead it will use an alternative font of its own choosing, which may look nothing like your original choice.

One easy way to avoid problems like these is simply to stick to the font used by your site's design; the designs in Sandvox have been built with these concerns in mind. If a visitor does not have the font of a particular design installed, Sandvox will direct the visitor's computer to the best, closest match.

If you want to change the fonts from a design, however, and you also want to make sure that most visitors will see the same font you've specified, try to stick to the standard fonts installed on virtually every Mac/Windows computer:

Also note that even some of these fonts might not be available on Windows 95 computers, which might be a concern for some users. For a complete list of the fonts included in each revision of Windows, please see this article.

(Note: if you are creating a website with the iPhone in mind, keep in mind that from this list, only Arial, Courier New, Georgia, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, and Verdana are available.)


Some fonts do not have an italic version (for example, Lucida Grande). Thus, as in other applications such as TextEdit, in these fonts you won't be able to change a section of text to italic. To compensate, consider using another font (such as Helvetica) set as italic for that text.

Google Web Fonts

A few new designs in Sandvox are using Google Web Fonts These are not stored on the local machine, but are loaded via the Internet. So if you have "Load Data from the Internet" turned off Sandvox will use a fallback font that perhaps does not look the same or as nice.

These designs are:

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