An index lists the pages in a Collection.

To create an index:

  1. Click the "Objects" toolbar item
  2. From the "Indexes" menu, select the type of index you'd like

Index Types

There are four different types of indexes available to use:

Collection Archive
Generates month-by-month archive of every page in a collection.
Photo Grid
Thumbnails with page titles in a grid arrangement.
Site Map
Lists all the pages of a site. This is useful for more complex sites to aid visitors in finding the page they want.
Slide Show
View a collection of images as a slide show.
Titles & Summaries
Page Titles and/or summaries that can be customized with many different layouts. Blogs are typically collections with a Titles & Summaries index added to the collection page.


You can configure the setting specific to the index that you are using in the by clicking on the index object to select it and opening the Object Inspector.

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