A Sandvox website is made up of pages. The Site Navigator displays the pages that make up the site.

Basic Page Operations

Ways to add a new page to a site:

Ways to delete a page:

Ways to duplicate a page:

Ways to rename a page:

Additionally, all the usual clipboard commands (cut, copy and paste) can be used with Sandvox pages.

Page Elements

To provide continuity throughout your site, all pages feature common elements:

Site Title
The title of your site. Found at the top of every page.
Site Tagline
A small blurb just below the Site Title that describes the site.
An image placed at the top of every page, next to the Site Title. Normally your company or organization's logo.
Site Menu
A menu of links to other pages within the site. Has room for only a few pages, so use the Page Inspector to add or remove pages.
Page Title
The title of the page. Displayed at the top of the main content area, and in the Site Menu if appropriate.
An area to the left or right side of the page that contains a number of objects.
Main content area
Where the main content of the page is displayed. Its content depends upon the Page.
A bar at the bottom of every page. Often used to display copyright or contact information.

Editing Pages

To edit a page, you use the Page Inspector. There are some general page attributes that can be set for all pages, and other properties that depend on the specific page.

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