Sandvox has an Inspector, where you configure many site settings. There are seven inspector areas:

Ways to show or hide the Inspector:

Document inspector (Shortcut: Command-1)
Contains settings that affect the entire site
Page inspector (Shortcut: Command-2)
Contains setting that affect the page you have selected in the site navigator
Wrap inspector (Shortcut: Command-3)
Has Object Placement for placing objects as Inline, Callout, or in the Sidebar. There are options for the Layout, you can also specify a Border for your objects (if allowed by the design)
Text inspector (Shortcut: Command-4)
Used to add Bullets & Numbering
Metrics inspector (Shortcut: Command-5)
Used to adjust Width and Height of an image to the pixel
Link inspector (Shortcut: Command-6)
Use the Link To to create links to internal pages, full size images, or external URL's
Object inspector (Shortcut: Command-7)
Use this segment to setup the setting specific to the object you have selected

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