Sandvox sites and search engines

Once you publish a site, you probably want to add it to one or more search engines (e.g. Google) so that other people can find it.

Sandvox automatically organizes sites to be easily searchable.

For better search engine placement, we recommend that you take advantage of the Page Details area and add meta description and tags to a page, and customize the window title.

Each search engine has its own way of adding sites into its central index. Most will automatically pick up your site over time as other sites link to it. If you are not seeing your site when searching, it may simply be that not enough people are linking to it to make the site reach the top of Google's list. Try asking other suitable sites to link to you.

You can also request a search engine to include your site specifically. For two of the most popular search engines, their submission pages are:


You can have even more control over how Google indexes your site by signing up your website. Please see the "Google Integration" article for more information.

Here are some other articles about Google's search facilities that might be of some help to you (the technical aspects about how pages should be organized are already taken care of by Sandvox, but the textual content, inbound links, keywords, etc. are up to you):

It is important to note that Google is ultimately in control of how pages are ranked. We have tried to incorporate the tools to make the Sandvox/Google experience as user-friendly as possible. There may be exceptions or changes to Google's methods that we do not control. However, we will do our best to ensure Sandvox is functioning as it should.

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