Window Title

The window title for a page (often called the "title tag") is, most simply, the text that appears at the top of a visitor's web browser when viewing that page. (The same text also appears in the title bar of Sandvox when working on a site document, preceded by the icon and name of the Sandvox document itself.)

This text is set automatically to be composed of the Page Title, Site Title and, if set, the site author. But you can easily customize it to your own needs in the Page Details.

The Window Title is actually used for a number of purposes:

How a page's title appears when searching

For presenting the title to search engine visitors, it appears that Google will show up to the first 65 characters of the window title. (Other search engines will show a similar number.) If your window title goes beyond that length, it will be truncated with ellipses.

With Google being the dominant search engine, Sandvox shows a character counter to warn you when your description is approaching or exceeding 65 characters. You are welcome to continue entering text, but it will probably be truncated when somebody finds your website's listing on Google.

Advanced Tip

You can use Sandvox's Hidden Preferences to set the separator used between the components of the Window Title for any automatically-set titles.

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