Spotlight Support

Sandvox includes support for Apple's Spotlight technology. The attributes supported by Spotlight for Sandvox documents are:

These attributes are used when searching for documents, and some of them also appear in the Get Info panel of Sandvox documents.


If you find that Spotlight is not working properly for Sandvox documents, it is generally because Spotlight has become "confused" by there being more than one copy of Sandvox on your computer at some point.

You first need to verify the issue.

To see if Spotlight knows how to handle Sandvox documents:

  1. Open the Terminal application (located in the "Applications → Utilities" folder).
  2. Type the command:
    mdimport -L
  3. Press Return. The Terminal will display a list of results.
  4. If the word "Sandvox" doesn't appear anywhere in the results, then Spotlight has indeed "forgotten" how to search Sandvox documents.

To resolve the issue you can try:

If you are still having issues with Spotlight and Sandvox, please visit our support forum to try and resolve them.

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