Letting site visitors contact you

Sandvox provides two different ways of allowing site visitors to contact you; Contact Forms and e-mail links.

You can add a Contact Form to your site as a page or object. It provides a set of text boxes which visitors fill in to send you a message.

To use an e-mail link, you write your address in part of the site (generally the Footer or an object) and turn it into a link. Visitors click on the address to begin a new e-mail message to you.

Each method offers some relative advantages and disadvantages, discussed below.

Contact Form

The Contact Form service is provided by Karelia as a courtesy only. Karelia cannot and does not guarantee the delivery of email through its relay, any spam filters, or other third party systems.

E-mail Link

Other options

If neither of the above methods work (perhaps you want people to be able to send you a regular e-mail but you don't want to expose your address, you can obfuscate your email address following these examples:

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