Installing Sandvox Plug-ins and Designs

How a Sandvox plug-in or design appears in the Finder.

Sandvox has a flexible plug-in architecture. This means that it is possible to extend Sandvox's capabilities by installing a component created by a third party.

Sandvox allows you to install additional:

You may find additional plug-ins to install via the Web, or via our Discover Plug-ins Window.

To install a new plug-in or design downloaded from the Web:

  1. Double-click the plug-in or design in the Finder, or select multiple plug-ins and chose File → Open from the Finder.
  2. Quit and relaunch Sandvox.

Using this method, Sandvox moves the plug-in or design into the appropriate folder for you. (If the source file is read-only, then it will be copied instead.)

Manual Installation

If needed, you can manually manage installation:

Plug-ins and designs can also be made available for more than just one user, by placing them in one of these:

Plug-ins installed in a location higher up the list take priority over those lower down. The application package itself is checked last.


To uninstall a plug-in or design:

  1. Open the "Application Support → Sandvox" folder containing the plug-in or design in the Finder.
  2. Remove the plug-in file from that folder.

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