Importing an existing site into Sandvox

You may have previously created and published a website using an application such as Apple's iWeb or another application. You may even have created a site with Sandvox, but then lost the document which held its content.

Unfortunately, since Sandvox needs to store its text and media in a specific format, not an arbitrary organization that other websites may use. Sandvox is not able to import existing sites. You can only use Sandvox to open and edit Sandvox documents.

What you can do though, is use Sandvox to quickly create a new site that has the same basic structure as the original.

If the site was created using Sandvox:

  1. Create a new Sandvox document and give it the same design as the original site.
  2. Add the various pages and collections to the Site Navigator to recreate the site's structure.
  3. Copy and paste the contents of the old site into Sandvox.
  4. If you have lost your media originals used to create the site, you could use an FTP client to download the contents of the site's "_Media" folder and retrieve them from there.

If the site was created using another application:

  1. Create a new Sandvox document and pick a design that you like or is similar to the existing site.
  2. Add pages and collections to the Site Navigator and arrange them to match the structure of the existing site.
  3. Copy and paste text from the original site into Sandvox; As much of the original formatting as possible will be retained.

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