Deleting a Published Site

Occasionally, you may need to completely delete or remove a site that you have published with Sandvox.

Deleting a site from Sandvox Hosting

To delete a site:

  1. Login to Sandvox Hosting.
  2. Select the 'Sites' tab
  3. In the box corresponding to your website, click 'Unpublish this site'.

Deleting a site from Alternate Hosts

For alternate hosts, Sandvox does not have this capability built in. Instead, you need to delete the site manually using an FTP client. Many of our users have found success with Cyberduck.

To delete a published site:

  1. Enter your host settings into an FTP client (as you would when setting up your host).
  2. Connect to your host.
  3. Delete all files that make up the site.

If you have published to a subfolder, only delete the subfolder or else you may lose data you did not intend!

If your host makes use of a document root folder, do not delete it, just its contents.

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